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Re-Piling Lift SHPA

The hydraulic pile lifts SHP (SHPA) are the perfect supplement to EUROCUTTER High-speed cutters or other peripheral equipment, such as automatic joggers. Serially equipped with a light barrier for automatic height control, the SHP (SHPA) guarantees an easy user-friendly and ergonomic working at a convenient working height for loading and unloading of palletized cutting material. The pile hoist is the first unit in an automated cutting line system. The productivity with a pile lift increases by approx. 10%, the job performance remains constant, typical backache of operators is avoided.

EUROCUTTER SHP (SHPA) pile hoists are movable without load.

The lifts can also be used for re-stacking after the cutting process. The lowering process starts after pressing the button and stops automatically when the material reaches the light barrier.  A re-stacking – device which is serially equipped at the SHPA type with angular boards, side gauges and back panels allows to manually re-stack the completed material after cutting, with precisely aligned edges.


SHP -2-450 -4-1200 -6-2000 -7b-2000
Carrying load in kg  450  1200  2000 2000
Platform size in mm  620 x 840  840 x 1270  1090 x 1520 1240 x 1700
recommended for
High speed guillotine