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Automatic Jogger BRPA with Press Roller

EUROCUTTER BR – Automatic joggers  prepare new material for the cutting machine and guarantee a precise alignment of the material. This is the basis for a better cutting tolerance and a consistent high quality of the final cut product.

BRPA automatic joggers are equipped with chromium plated air tables with air nozzles, automatic (pneumatic) side flaps on both sides for easy loading and unloading. As a standard feature, the jogger has an infinitely adjustable jogging frequency control, the jogging motor direction (clockwise and counterclockwise) can be changed regardless of the tilting side. Air can be enabled or disabled during jogging action.

The air removal feature improves the formation of blocks from the reams to be cut and further reduces the production risks. The speed of the removal roller as well as the pressure of the roller is infinitely adjustable via potentiometer respectively pressure handle to achieve the best result for each material.

The material preparation outside the guillotine increases the efficiency of the cutting machine by up to 40%, because cutting can be continued.


BRPA -2 -4 -6
Paper size in mm  725 x 870  905 x 1150  1135 x 1450
Max. paper height
in mm
 165  165  165

Recommended for 

High-speed cutters