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Foil Stamping

Flatbed die-cutting and foil stamping is a process used for cutting, creasing, embossing, stripping, and blanking (blank separation) of a range of sheet materials, from light papers and carton board, through heavy solid board, plastics and in-mold labels (IML), to micro-flutes and most types of corrugated board. The process is used in a wide variety of sectors from packaging, label and display manufacturing to commercial printing.

PROGRESSOR, the new brand in the die-cutting world. We offer fladbed die-cutters and foil stamping machines with/without stripping, blanking in 800, 1060 and 1300 mm width.

The following table should make it easier to select the right machine. 

Max. sheet size mm 800 x 600 1060 x 760 1060 x 760 1060 x 760 1060 x 760 1300 x 950
Foil stamping x x x xx xx x
Die-cutting (x) (x) x (x)
Stripping x
Hologram Option Option Option Option Option Option
Heating for embossing x x
Machine Type 800 F 1060 F 1060 FDS 1060 FF 1060 FF+ 1300 F2

x – Standard
(x) – foilstamping or die-cutting in one run