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Dan Thiesen

Dan Thiesen

Senior Tech Support - Principle

Born the son of a bookbinders son.
I started sweeping floors before I could spell broom, in our family owned bookbinding company which is now more than 110 years old.  My father took over the company from his father as I did  from my father.

My value to your company may be in my ability to sell ideas concepts and solutions, helping people flourish and  enjoy their present situation while they design results in their future.  My personal belief is and always has been, that “getting what we think we want in life  will in all ways be secondary in importance to what we become in the pursuit.”

I hold teaching Certifications in:

  • Sales
  • Service
  • Manufacturing
  • Effective Negotiating
  • Bookbinding

I have sat on several boards and wielded the gavel for several organization, many of which are, non profit, benevolent organizations. I have filled the chairs as chairman, secretary, treasurer, etc. for numerous years.

Enough about my history.
My best friend in junior high school is still my best friend today, she and I have 6 children and 13 grand children and 2 dogs.
We are currently living a happy successful  life.
As a small, privately held, family business we take great pride in trust we have earned supporting our customers and vendors.
We have great credit, the will to win, a hunger to support the success of our customers and friends. The only enemy we have is down time!
Should you decide to place your trust in our family, your trust will be well founded!

Arny Davis

Arny Davis

Key Account Manager

Arny brings over 30 years of sales, finance, and business management experience in a variety of industries to Eurocutter America.  He focuses on the sale of high value equipment that meets the needs of his customers.  After listening carefully to their needs for more than just equipment requests, Arny works to understand the desired outcome that best suits the customer’s overall  goals for efficiency and best return on investment.   Eurocutter America values his expertise and dedication to creating the best possible solutions for our customers whether dealing with new paper cutting systems or providing the best refurbished Schneider Senator, or Eurocutter,   stand-alone cutters. 

Arny and his wife Ellen have two daughters.  They reside in Adna, Washington.